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Marrickville Golf Club (MGC) is situated on part of Riverside Park on a property called Riverside which was acquired by Marrickville Council in 1910, an area of 27 acres which encompassed Bruce and Beauchamp Streets and bounded by the Cooks River which was low lying & swampy and needed some drainage and filling. Marrickville Council had the foresight to adopt a policy to acquire all lands on the banks of Cooks River within its own LGA. It was not all good land as the Council used some of these lands as rubbish dumps.


In 1938 Marrickville Council established a 9 hole golf course on the high ground of Riverside Park in conjunction with Richards Park. Work began in 1939 and was finished in 1940. The hilly area was chosen as “it was unsuitable for cricket wickets”. The Western Suburbs Churches Cricket Club strongly defended the right to use the flat part of Riverside Park now basically Mahoney Park and won that battle.

The establishment of MGC was a Depression relief program under the Spooner relief scheme at a cost of $2,500. Spooner was the Minister for Public Works.

The work was carried out under the supervision of the Council’s Engineer, Mr Cottam and a local golfer, Mr Apperly advised on the layout of the course. It provided work for local men with married men given preference.

It was necessary to secure an adequate water supply for the golf course. Marrickville Council acquired the Dibble Street waterhole for the purpose. NSW was in drought and the metropolitan water supply had frequent restrictions applied to it. The 1940s drought lasted for several years. Drought recurred again in the late 1950s. Charlie Meader was a MGC greenkeeper for 20 years. He spoke in awe of the Drought of 1958 when the waterhole almost ran dry. Marrickville Council had to buy water and truck it in to keep the greens alive. For other parts of the Course, workers used buckets to transport water from Cooks River and strained it before use. Luckily since then water shortages on the Course have not been as serious.

The Greenkeeper’s home

The Marrickville Council Golf Course was officially opened on Saturday 30 November 1940 by the Mayor of Marrickville, Alderman Harold Douglas Marr. An exhibition match was played by Ed Apperley, William Bolger, George Thompson and Charles Gray which finished all square. The proceeds of the play of 30 pounds was in aid of the local branch of the Lord Mayor’s Patriotic Fund. World Ward II had began and there had already been casualties within the community.

Local golfers formed the Marrickville Golf Club when the course was completed. This group asked Marrickville Council to set aside part of the Course Caretaker’s dwelling for the clubhouse. The dwelling was previously used for the caretaker of Riverside Park and would now also double as the greenkeeper’s room.

1941 opening of 9 holes

On Friday, 11 July 1941 in the Sydney Morning Herald, it was announced that the Marrickville Golf Club will open its doors on Saturday 12 July 1941 afternoon. By the end of 1941 MGC had 128 members and 72 women members. A founding member of the original Marrickville Golf Club was Sydney Jones, who died in 1938 and never played a stroke on this golf course.

On Sunday 29 November 1942, John Flanagan drove the ball on the 7th (263 yards) with a number 3 wood to achieve a hole in one. Flanagan was also 5 under par after 9 holes. The column “Down the Fairways” is full of interesting tidbits on the MGC. In May 1949 it was reported that young Stan Ireland is Marrickville’s champion, his brother Willie having won the honour twice.

The Sun Herald also regularly listed the Club Golf Results. The name Beckhaus is well known and features in many results. Merv Beckhaus has been a member here for over 60 years and his son has won many championships and is the current MGC greenkeeper.

The clubhouse

World War II did have an effect on golf numbers as many people from the area enlisted. Over 3,000 local men and women went nito the armed forces and over 750 died. When the war ended there was an upsurge in club membership. By the end of 1947 there were 219 men and women members. The MGC committee recommended that the old building be remodeled. This occurred at the expense and with the help of every member of the MCG. MGC had a lease on the clubhouse and certain restricted right to the Golf Course.

1954 opening of 18 hole Marrickville Golf Course

On 16 February 1953 the MGC was incorporated. Eighteen months later Marrickvile Council opened the additional 9 holes that transformed the MGC to an 18 hole golf course.

The 18 hole golf course was officially opened on Sunday 28 November 1954 at 1.30pm by the Hon. W.T.Murray MLC and Mayor of Marrickville Mayor Murray, who was also an officer of the MGC.

The cost of programs was 4 shillings, which was expensive and proceeds from the sale of programs were donated to the Marrickville District Hospital Jubilee Fund.

Prior to the opening at 1pm, a golf clinic was conducted by Kel Nagle, Australian Professional Champion and Eric Cremin, State Professional Champion. They were sponsored by Chesterfield Form-Rite Golf Clubs.

At 2pm after the official opening, there was an 18 hole exhibition golf match, Nagle partnered with Reg Thomas, Runner Up Club Champion and Cremin partnered with Les Saxby, Club Champion.












Results 2013

Tuesday 31st December 2013

2BBB Stableford
Best 2 Ball Nett             49pts              A Romeika (8)
B Granger (24)
Best 2 Ball Scratch        42pts              D Cremin
D Shepherd
Best Single Nett            43pts              L Derby (17)
Best Single Scratch        33ps               D King

Sunday 29th December 2013

Open Medley Stableford

Best Nett                        45pts          J Harker

Saturday 28th December 2013

Aggregate Stableford

Best Aggregate Nett       79pts          N Lahood (10)

                                                      H Lahood (6)

Best Aggregate Scratch  69pts           J Mok 

                                                      T Shaw

Best Single Nett             43pts c/b     L Derby (18)

Best Single Scratch        36pt            D Cremin

Thursday 26th December 2013

Medley Stableford

Best Nett                      41pts            S Paull (10)

Tuesday 24th December 2013

2BBB Stableford
Best 2 Ball Nett     51pts      B Phillips (25)
W Lonergan (10)
Best 2 Ball Scratch 41pts c/b D Cremin
C Mumford pga
Best Single Nett     43pts      S Maurice (17)
Best Single Scratch 38pts     D Shepherd 

Women’s Open StablefordBest Nett                  41pts C Lewis (22)


Sunday 22nd December 2013

Open Medley Stableford

Best Nett               45pts          B Frost (24)

Best Scratch          31pts          W Hornby

Saturday 21st December 2013

2BBB Stableford

Best 2 Ball Nett                  49              L Jones (26)
J Mc Hardy (9)

Best 2 ball Scratch             38pts           T Jackson
M Waller

Best Single Nett                 41pts           B O’Connell (17)

Best Single Scratch            29pts c/b       D Cremin

Tuesday 17th December 2013

2BBB Stableford

Best 2 Ball Nett                  53               W Lonergan (11)
B Phillips (25)

Best 2 ball Scratch             43pts            D Cremin
D Shepherd

Best Single Nett                 42pts c/b      I Sheerin (15)

Best Single Scratch            40pts            C Miller

Sunday 15th December 2013

Open Medley Stableford

Best Nett                         43pts          C Nikas

Best Scratch                     35pts          C Nikolaou

Saturday 14th December 2013

Open 4 Ball Ambrose

Best Nett                        45pts         J Donovan, J Thaw, J Dooley, S Mew

Best Scratch                   51pts          P Stafford, A O’Brien, J Mok, T Shaw

Tuesday 10th December 2013

Aggregate Stableford

Best Aggregate Nett       82pts         C Lidbury (25)

                                                   P Blume (23)

Best Aggregate Scratch  59pts          F Roseta

                                                   C Miller PGA

Best Single Nett             42pts c/b    I King (26)

Best Single Scratch        30 c/b         P Gay

Women’s Open Stableford

Best Nett                                  

Division 1    41pts    C Mitchell (12)

Division 2      47pts    A Tilbury

Sunday 8th December 2013

Open 4 Ball Ambrose

Best Nett                          46pts          W Hornby & A Tighe

Best Scratch                     55pts c/b     W Larratt & N Litten

Saturday 7th December 2013

Medal – Stroke

Best A-Grade Nett             55pts        H Mulholland (4)

Best A-Grade Scratch        59pts         H Mulholland

Best B-Grade Nett             54pts        R Mair (17)

Best B-Grade Scratch        71pts c/b    C Sparks

Best C-Grade Nett             58pts         C Clayton (20)

Best C-Grade Scratch        78c/b         N Kallinosis 

Tuesday 3rd December 2013

Aggregate Stableford

Best Aggregate Nett   77c/b    R Christie (16)

A Carrasquilla (20)

Best Aggregate Scratch 71pts  D Shepherd

                                          D Bringolf

Best Single Nett            41c/b F Meehan (21)

Best Single Scratch       34      B Burgess       

Women’s Irish Fourball Stableford

Best Nett   94      J Dent (24)       L Hough (17)

                         J Johnson (25)   M Hinchliffe (30)

Sunday 1st December 2013

Men’s Single Stableford

Best Nett       44pts   H Salmon (20)


Women’s Ambrose

Best Nett            50pts    S Moore   S Grabovaz
                                    B Wyard   E MorenoBest Scratch       65pts    K Lindsay   J King-Gee                                   B Dunn      J Bevan

Saturday 30th November 2013

Men’s Multiplier Stableford

Best Multiplier Nett         88pts  T Lukins (14)/R Kelly (12)

Best Multiplier Scratch    69pts   T Jackson / D Shepherd

Best Single Nett             42c/b  T Shaw (3)

Best Single Scratch        36c/b   D Cremin Glasson

Tuesday 26th November 2013

Men’s 2BBB Stableford

Best 2 Ball Nett                  47pts            J Donovan (16)
R Miller (27)

Best 2 ball Scratch             42pts            D Cremin
C Miller

Best Single Nett                 40pts            H Isaacs (23)

Best Single Scratch            34pts             D Shepherd

Sunday 24th November 2013


Best Nett                           38 c/b           A Murray (23)

Best Scratch                        41pts          D Jones                                                            

Saturday 23th November 2013

Men’s Aggregate Stableford

Best Aggregate Nett       78pts   R Patane (21)
B O’Conell (17)

Best Aggregate Scratch   56pts  W Grecco
J Bevan

Best Single  Nett            42pts   B Frazer (18)

Best Single  Scratch       36pts    T Shaw


Tuesday 19th November 2013

Men’s 2BBB Stableford

Best 2 Ball Nett                  50 c/b           J Carlin (15)
T Foster (10)

Best 2 ball Scratch              41pts           D Shepherd
C Miller

Best Single Nett                 47pts            M Nance (18)

Best Single Scratch            33pts             G Guinan

Tuesday 19th November 2013


Best Nett        37pts c/b   J Howard


Winners of the Captain v President’s Trophy


President and Captain working out the results


Reds and Blues scattered across the Green

Sunday 17th November 2013


Best Nett    35cb   P Strachan (21)



Saturday 16th November 2013

2BBB Stableford

Best 2 Ball Nett                  50pts c/b      D Henricks (15)
S Coyle (16)

Best 2 ball Scratch              38pts            T Shaw
J Mok

Best Single Nett                 46pts            D Christie (15)

Best Single Scratch            31pts             C Nikolaou

Tuesday 12th November 2013

Men’s Single Stableford

Best Nett       41pts   O Berzins (14)

Best Scratch   34pts  J Mok


Women’s Open Stableford

Best Nett            29pts    A Andersen (32)
Runner Up          29pts    J Howard (23)Third Place          28pts    W Troy (35)

Saturday 9th November 2013

Medal Stroke

Best A Grade Nett      58pts    T Jackson (3)
best A Grade Scratch  61pts    T Jackson
Best B Grade Nett      54pts    Darren Henricks (17)
Best B Grade Scratch 71pts    Darren HenricksBest C Grade Nett      53pts    B Young (19)
Best C Grade Scratch  72        B Young

Tuesday 5th November 2013

Open Medley 2BBB/Single Stableford

Best 2 Ball Nett        53 pts     M Bortolussi (20)
F Meehan (24)

Best 2 Ball Scratch    37c/b     A Tighe
W Hornby

Best Single Nett        45 pts    J Billett (16)

Best Single Scratch    37 pts    D Wonnocott

Sunday 3rd November 2013

Medley Stableford

Best Nett                  43 pts    S O’Brien Coast (17)

Saturday 2nd November 2013

Open Stableford

Best Nett                        34 pts    J Morgan (31)

2013 Club Championship

Club Champions

A Grade                D Wonnocott bt T Shaw  5/4

A Reserve             B Crilly bt S Wallace 6/5

B Grade                I Lafoa’i bt L Alcorn 2/1

C Grade                C Nikolaou bt C Christie 6/5

Medley 2BBB/Single Stableford

Best A Grade Nett      39pts    G Daher (8)

Best B Grade Nett      43pts    A Lam (17)

Best C Grade Nett      41pts    G Pallo

Best Scratch              32pts    D Fletcher


Tuesday 29th October 2013

Men’s Aggregate Stableford

Best Aggregate Nett       76pts    W Lonergan (11)
B Burgess (4)

Best Aggregate Scratch   57pts    T Jackson
D Shepherd

Best Single  Nett            40pts c/b  A Faraday (17)

Best Single  Scratch       30pts     S Wallace


Women’s Open Stableford

Division 1
Best Nett            40pts c/b  G Varcoe (15)Runner Up          40pts       L Hough (18)Third Place         37pts c/b   E Wright (25)Division 2Best  Nett           39pts c/b  M O’Shannessey (43)

Runner  Up         39pts  P Choo (29)

Third  Place        35pts  J Finlay (30)

Sunday 27th October 2013


Best Nett    38pts   H Salmon (24)


Women’s 3rd Round Nett Club Championships

Division 1
Best Nett            38pts   K Lindsay (17)Runner Up          36pts   l Bruggy (19)Third Place         35pts    L Pellow (20)Division 2Best  Nett           42pts  A Tikner (38)

Runner  Up         41pts  P Choo (30)

Third  Place        36pts   D Thompson (39)

Saturday 26th October 2013

2BBB Stableford

Best 2 Ball Nett                  47pts c/b    J Lakiss (24)
M Lakiss (27)

Best 2 ball Scratch              34pts         C Nikolaou
H Mulholland

Best Single Nett                 43pts         K Heath (15)

Best Single Scratch            29pts          B Kelly

Tuesday 22nd October 2013

Men’s 2BBB Stableford

Best 2 Ball Nett          48pts    J Ford (20)
M Waller (15)

Best 2 Ball Scratch     43pts    D Cremin
C Miller PGA

Best Single  Nett        42pts    J Billet

Best Single  Scratch    36pts   D Bringolf PGA


Women’s Open Stableford

Best Nett            42pts   G Shaw (30)
Runner Up          41pts   A Tickner (39)Third Place          41pts    E Wright (27)

Sunday 20th October 2013

Club Championship: 54 Hole Scratch  and 54 Hole Nett



Stroke & Final Round (3) Club championship


Club Champion                   J Bevan (8) 225                 Division 1                K Lindsay (17) 190

Division 2                          C Van Der Brink (20) 253     Division 2                J Dent (25) 186

Division 3                          S Kogan (30) 293               Division 3                S Kogan (30) 201

Event of the Day

Best Nett Division 1             K Lindsay (17) 61

Best Nett Division 2             S Kogan (31) 53

Best Scratch                       J Bevan (8) 75

Medley Stableford

Best Nett            37   B Crilly (10)

Saturday 19th October 2013

Stableford A, B AND C GRADE

Best A Grade Nett                  38pts      R Hill (6)

Best B Grade Nett                  43pts      D Hendricks (17)
Best B Grade Scratch

Best C Grade Nett                  39pts      M Fyfe

Best Scratch                         32pts       D King

Tuesday 15th October 2013

Women’s Best Nett Champions 54 Holes


Best Nett Champion

54 holes

Lyndall Hough


Best Scratch

54 holes

Christiane Jones

Men’s Aggregate Stableford

Best Nett
Best Scratch

Best Single  Nett
Best Single  Scratch


Women’s 3rd Round Nett Club Championships

Scratch              74pts   J Bevan
Division 1Best Nett            58   L Hough (19)Runner Up          64   J Glenday (13)Third Place         65    N Hall (16)Division 2

Best  Nett            57   J Howard (26)

Runner  Up          59c/b   J Finlay (31)

Third  Place         59   B Dunn (26)

Best Nett Champion 54 Holes

Winner        191     L Hough (19)

Runner Up    195   A Tickner (40)

Best Scratch  240     C Jones

Men’s 2BBB Stableford

Best 2 Ball  Nett                 52pts  C O’Brien (24)
B Burgess (5)

Best 2 Ball Scratch             33pts   V Stoyanof (7)
S Husband (13)

Best Single  Nett                45pts  A Carrasquilla (25)

Best Single  Scratch            30pts  D Cremin


Sunday 13th October 2013

Women’s 2nd Round Club Championships

Scratch              72pts   J Bevan (8)
Division 1Best Nett            60pts   J Dent (25)Runner Up          64pts   L Foran (18)Third Place         65pts    C Vander Brink (19)Division 2

Best Nett            63pts    V Donovan (28)

Runner  Up         64pts    J Howard (26)

Third Place         67pts    A Tickner (39)

Saturday 12th October 2013

Single Stroke Club Championship – 2nd Round

Best A Grade Nett                  54      S Paull (12)
Best A Grade Scratch             61      T Jackson    

Best B Grade Nett                  55      I Lafoa’i (18)
Best B Grade Scratch             73cb   D Christie

Best C Grade 36 Nett             58cb   D Lloyd (19)
Best C Grade 36 Scratch        77       D Lloyd 

36 Hole

A Grade 36 Nett                  117    D Wonnocott (4)
A Grade 36 Scratch             128     T Jackson

A-Res Grade 36 Nett           121    C Dyson (11)
A-Res Grade 36 Scratch       144    S Wallace

B Grade 36 Nett                  121    P Helm (14)
B Grade 36 scratch              155    S Mew

C Grade Nett                       114    J McCarthy (22)
C Grade Scratch                  158    J Thaw

Junior 36 Nett                     121    H Mulholland (4)
Junior 36 Scratch                 138    C Nikolaou


Monday 7th October 2013

Medley Stableford

Best Nett                  41      D Fink (17)

Tuesday 8th October 2013

Men’s Aggregate Stableford

Best Nett               78pts    G Daher (9)
R Sculthorpe (18)

Best Scratch          54pts     P Gregory
E Lakiss

Best Single  Nett        41pts  G Holden (16)

Best Single  Scratch    30cb   D Shepherd


Women’s 2nd Round Nett Club Championships

Scratch              78   C Jones (14)
Division 1Best Nett            59   T Condon (29)Runner Up          62   M Hinchliffe (31)Third Place         63    J Dent (25)

Men’s Aggregate Stableford

Best Nett               78pts       G Daher (9)
R Sculthorpe (18)

Best Scratch          54pts        P Gregory
E Lakiss

Best Single  Nett        41pts    G Holden (16)

Best Single  Scratch    30cb    D Shepherd


Women’s 2nd Round Nett Club Championships

Scratch              78   C Jones (14)
Division 1Best Nett            59   T Condon (29)Runner Up          62   M Hinchliffe (31)Third Place         63    J Dent (25)

Sunday 6th October 2013

Medley Stableford

Best Nett            43   R Moffat (17)

Saturday 5th October 2013

Stableford A, B AND C GRADE

Best A Grade Nett                  42      M Harrison (12)
Best A Grade Scratch             35      D Wonnocott

Best B Grade Nett                  42      A Lam (17)
Best B Grade Scratch

Best C Grade Nett                  56cb   C Christie (22)

Tuesday 1st October 2013

Men’s 2BBB Stableford

Best 2 Ball  Nett                 44pts  R Johnson(24)
B Miller (27)

Best 2 Ball Scratch             38pts  C Miller
C Nikilaou

Best Single  Nett                41pts  J Enoka (15)

Best Single  Scratch            25pts  K Kerrigan


Women’s 1st Round Nett Club Championships

Scratch              79   N Hall
Division 1Best Nett            63   C Jones (15)Runner Up          63   N Hall (16)Third Place          63    J Dent (25)Division 2

Best Nett           56    P Choo (32)

Runner  Up        59    A Tickner (40)

Third Place         63    D Thompson (41)

Sunday 29th September 2013

Single Stableford Event

Best Nett                        41pts    M Ribarovski

Women’s 1st Round Club Championships

Scratch              72   J Bevan (8)
Division 1Best Nett            61   L Hough (19)Runner Up          62   G Varcoe (17)Third Place          63    C Loosley (22)Division 2

Best Nett           67    E Wright (27)

Runner  Up        70    M Balch (26)

Third Place         72    V Donovan (27)

Saturday 28th September 2013

Single Stroke Club Championship – 1st Qualifying Round

Best A Grade Nett                  59      D Wonnocott

Best B Grade Nett                  58      I Alcorn

Best C Grade Nett                  56cb   J Thaw(6)

Best Single Scratch                63cb   H Mulholland 

Tuesday 24th September 2013

Men’s Aggregate Stableford

Best  Nett                          80pts    G  Daher (9)
C Lowe (11)

Best Aggregate  Scratch      73pts     D Shepherd
D Bringolf

Best Single  Nett                43pts     K Heath (17)

Best Single  Scratch            36pts     H Mulholland


Women’s Medal of Medals Stroke

Best   Nett   Div 1          60      J Simons (20)
Best   Nett Div 2            59      J Pascalis (28)

Best Scratch                  69      J Bevan

Sunday 22nd September 2013

Medley Stableford

Best Nett                         42pts       T Evans (19)

Saturday 21st September 2013

Open Aggregate/Single Stableford

Best Aggregate Nett        81pts  H Brown (23)
                                             J Hamilton (10)

Best Aggregate Scratch   55pts   B Kelly
                                             J Gorman

Best Single Nett             42pts   T Shaw (6)

Best Single Scratch                   E Lakiss 

Tuesday 17th September 2013

2BBB Stableford

Best 2 Ball Nett      51pts    B Granger (28)
A Romeika (11)

Best 2 Ball Scratch  41pts   D Cremin
                                      C Miller PGA

Best Single Nett      44pts   R Aslanis (12) Massey Pk

Best Single Scratch  30pts   M O’Neill

Women’s Open Stableford

Best Nett             39pts           K Phillips (25)

Sunday 15th September 2013


Best Nett          41pts          N Foley (21)  

Women’s Open Stableford

Best Nett             43pts         S Grabrovaz  

Saturday 14th September 2013

Nett                44.125pts    D Abreu (7.875)                                       P Stafford
D Cameron
                                       B YoungScratch            50pts          R Kelly
W Hornby                                       P Johnson
                                       I Mcgregor

Tuesday 10th September 2013

Medley Stableford

Best Nett                          40pts    J Pascalis (29)

Best Scratch                      34pts    D Shepherd 

Sunday 8th September 2013

Single Stableford Event

Best Nett                        39pts    M Ribarovski
Open Stableford

Best Nett            40pts        G Varcoe (16)

Saturday 7th September 2013

Medal Stroke

Best A-Grade Nett            56pts    D King (7) Eastlakes
Best A-Grade Scratch        66pts    D Cremin

A Grade Medal                 58pts    E Lakis (10)

Best B-Grade Nett            55pts    J Donovan (16)
Best B-Grade Scratch        71pts    J Donovan (16)

Best C-Grade Nett            54pts    C Christie (23)
Best C-Grade Scratch        78pts    R Kelly

72 Hole Medal A Grade      269pts   A Glasson
72 Hole Medal B Grade      298pts   J Donovan
72 Hole Medal C Grade      332pts   M Fyfe

Tuesday 3rd September 2013

Men’s Aggregate Stableford

Best Aggregate Nett 75pts G Beed (15) / E Lakiss (10)

Best Aggregate Scratch 63pts A Glasson / A Baily

Best Single Nett 39pts c/b J Hayes (23)


Women’s Open 2B Ambrose

Best Nett  57   K Lindsay / J Bevan (6)

Best Scratch  65  C Jones / J Glenday

Sunday 1st September 2013

Medly Stableford
Best Single Nett         39 pts cb  W Timmins (17)

Best Single Scratch     34 pts      D Cremin 

Saturday 31st August 2013

Men’s Single Stableford
Best A-Grade Nett      39pts  J Gorman (11)
Best B-Grade Nett      40pts  S Parker (17)Best C-Grade Nett      41pts  R Mair (21)Best Scratch              33pts  H Mulholland

Tuesday 27th August 2013

Men’s Multiplier Stableford

Best Multiplier Nett     D Ingram (22)/G Holden(20)

Best Multiplier Scratch D Cremin / D Shepherd

Best Single Nett         G Jenner (17)

Best Single Scratch     A Glasson

Women’s Open Stableford

Best Nett Division 1    38pts  E Tamplin (23)

Best Nett Division 2    38pts  J Howard (27)

Sunday 25th August 2013

Men’s Single Stroke

Best Single Nett          M Lakiss

Women’s Open Stableford

Best Nett                 39pts    J Skillicorn

Saturday 24th August 2013

2BBB Stableford

Best 2 Ball Nett            47pts   J Sukkar (17) / M Nance (18)
Best 2 Ball Scratch       36pts    D Wonnocott / G DaherBest Single Nett           41pts cb  W Bills (16)Best Single Scratch       30pts   P Gregory


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